About Us

Experience and Results Matter

With more than 100 years of combined experience, we have assembled a legal team with unmatched credentials, real world experience, and a passion to serve your legal needs. Any lawyer can rent a billboard, but we know that when you are searching for a law firm, results matter.  And our results speak for themselves.  Our team has worked with families and businesses to obtain multi-million (and billion) dollar jury verdicts in state and federal courts, helped families secure financial legacies exceeding $50 million, and represented business owners in mergers and acquisition of more than $100 million.  When your life, your family, or your business are at stake, our team is ready to step in and fight for you.

Our legal team regularly provides services in matters involving personal injury, intellectual property, complex civil litigation, business law, real estate, employment law, estate planning, and mergers and acquisitions.  Our work comes to us through referrals from other law firms, financial professionals and satisfied clients.

A Different Kind Of Law Firm

Several things distinguish us from other law firms:

Leadership.  Our attorneys have earned wide recognition for their abilities from other lawyers throughout the country and in our community.  We have multiple attorneys who are Board Certified and have been recognized annually by their peers as Thompson Reuters Texas Super Lawyers and as Best Lawyers in U.S. News & World Report.  Our attorneys also actively serve in the local and state bar associations and serve as leaders on numerous local boards and non-profit organizations within the community.  In short, our team consists of recognized leaders in the legal field and in our community.

Relationships. We draw upon the knowledge of leading professionals across the country, including lawyers, engineers, doctors, accountants, financial planners, insurance experts, business succession planners, business consultants and other professionals.  We recognize that assembling a winning legal team often requires the assistance of leading experts across the country, so we do not hesitate to hire nationally-recognized experts to help serve your legal needs.

Partnerships with our Clients.  We are deeply skeptical of the continued viability of the traditional business model in which law firms perform services for hourly rates. This does a disservice to the client by driving up clients’ costs and lengthening the legal process. While we do provide services on an hourly basis, we also represent clients on contingency, even in patent and commercial litigation cases. We are also able to provide services to many of our clients for a flat fee, to encourage efficiency and eliminate uncertainty over legal fees. Our attorneys are not evaluated based on the number of hours they bill, but on the quality of the work and results they deliver for our clients.

Technology.  We employ the latest communication and digital imaging technology in our practice in order to meet our clients’ goals. This reduces costs for our clients, keeps them informed, and provides us with instant access to key documents.

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To schedule a free initial consultation about your legal matter, contact us by email or call Cherry Johnson Siegmund James at (254) 732-2242.