Will Contest And Trust Litigation Attorneys

The financial stakes in a will contest, probate dispute or guardianship dispute can be very high. Such disputes can also bring to the surface long-simmering differences between siblings or other family members. For these reasons, fiduciary disputes can become particularly heated.

At Cherry Johnson Siegmund James LLC, we take a problem-solving approach to such disputes. We seek to achieve positive results for our clients while minimizing costs and emotional turmoil. That said, we are fierce advocates for our clients and work tenaciously to protect their rights at all times.

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Experienced Fiduciary Litigation Attorneys

Cherry Johnson Siegmund James represents plaintiffs and defendants in all types of fiduciary litigation, including:

Will contests — Lawsuits involving alleged undue influence in the drafting of wills, forged wills, multiple wills and other will disputes.

Probate litigation — Disputes involving alleged mismanagement by personal representatives (executors), unreasonable delays in the probate process, failure to disburse estate assets according to the terms of the will, excessive probate expenses and other matters.

Trust disputes — Litigation involving alleged malfeasance by trustees, inadequate disbursement of trust proceeds, embezzlement of trust assets, trust modification or removal proceedings and other trust disputes.

Contested guardianships — Litigation involving contested competence proceedings, failure of guardians to fulfill their fiduciary duties and other guardianship disputes.

Achieving Your Goals In A Timely And Cost-Efficient Manner

At the Cherry Johnson Siegmund James LLC firm, we are mindful of the costs of litigation. Before recommending litigation, we will explain the potential costs of such an action and the outcome you may reasonably expect. We have found that careful case preparation during the early phases of the litigation process can lay the groundwork for resolving civil disputes through negotiation or mediation, eliminating the need for a costly court trial. In fiduciary litigation, these alternative dispute resolution techniques have an additional benefit in that they can produce outcomes that reduce family tensions and facilitate the reconciliation of the parties.

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