Texas Transactional Attorneys

Mergers and Acquistions

Transactional attorneys, such as those with Cherry Johnson Siegmund James, focus on businesses and the complex transactions that come along with them. We handle sales, acquisitions, mergers, contracts, and agreements. Our firm is experienced in handling large business contracts and corporate finance. 

Our skilled transaction lawyers in Waco also can aid you in estate planning, including the drafting of wills, power of attorneys, healthcare power of attorneys, the negotiation of leases, and overseeing the filing of tax documents on behalf of our clients. 

The Role of a Texas Transactional Lawyer

Transactional lawyers will see you through all the essential details that are included but can be easily overlooked in contracts and agreements concerning monetary exchanges. Some of their jobs include the following: 

  • Verifying documentation is submitted properly and on time
  • Negotiating on behalf of the company 
  • Offering legal advice about intellectual property
  • Managing real estate transactions
  • Licensing and trademark issues
  • Oversee mergers and acquisitions
  • Creation of employee agreements

We will offer our clients the legal advice they need to develop agreements and contracts that provide adequate protection and benefits. 

When to Contact a Transaction Lawyer in Texas

Hiring a transactional lawyer is essential when planning an estate and performing significant business dealings. They can certify your will and other documents to ensure they are legally certified and that you will not face problems in the future because things were handled unprofessionally. 

If you anticipate a large business transaction, your transactional attorney can verify the contracts and agreements before you move forward with a sale, purchase, or merger. Avoiding future expenses and litigation and having the deals handled cleanly and efficiently can offer tremendous peace of mind now and in the future. 

What Transactional Attorneys Can Do For You

Transactional lawyers focus on regulatory research or due diligence. At Cherry Johnson Siegmund James, we apply our experience and keen legal acumen to ensure that our client’s best interests are always represented. Some of the services we offer for your business include:

  • Verifying that contracts work for the benefit of your company
  • Draw up business agreements
  • Prepare contracts
  • Compose employee contracts
  • Proposes sound advice on general compliance matters such as government regulations, health, and safety standards, and data security requirements
  • Produces innovative policies
  • Offers intellectual property protection assistance
  • Proposes legal guidance on business transactions, economic responsibilities, and employment issues

Litigation attorneys differ from transactional lawyers; both have a role to play in your business. Transactional attorneys understand complex business law and apply this knowledge with their due diligence to benefit their clients and help them avoid future litigation. 

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