Protecting Your Assets With Medicaid Planning

Depending on your specific circumstances, Medicaid planning may encompass a variety of integrated techniques for preserving your assets while maintaining your eligibility for Medicaid benefits. These benefits can be extremely helpful in defraying the high cost of care in a nursing home or assisted-living facility.

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Before needlessly spending down your assets in order to qualify for Medicaid coverage, contact Cherry Johnson Siegmund James LLC in Central Texas. Our team of attorneys, financial advisor, and staff can create a customized strategy for protecting your life’s savings and your Medicaid eligibility.

Our attorneys work together with another member of the Cherry Johnson Siegmund James LLC firm, John Wessler, who is a Registered Investment Advisory owner with over 10 years’ experience assisting clients in preparing for long-term care expenses and obtaining Medicaid and VA benefits.

Integrated Planning Solutions

Where appropriate, our firm assists clients in transferring assets to other family members. However, please note that there is a five-year look back period for some transfers. Such transfers should only be made with the assistance of an experienced elder law attorney. We can review your situation and recommend the solution that is appropriate for you.

Comprehensive planning to ensure Medicaid eligibility may also involve:

Swift Action In A Medical Crisis

If you or a loved one is facing a medical crisis requiring nursing home care, we can take quick action to help you find a way to cover the costs. Medicare pays for only a very short period of nursing home care – often just a few days. After that, the patient must find a way to pay for the always-increasing cost of skilled nursing care. We can quickly assess your case and determine whether you are eligible for Medicaid coverage.

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