Waco Oil Refinery Accident Attorneys

Oil refinery workers have some of the most demanding jobs in the state of Texas. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for individuals in these industries to sustain severe injuries on the job. At Cherry Johnson Siegmund James, we are here to help if you need a Waco oil refinery accident attorney. We have extensive resources at our disposal, and we know what it takes to investigate complex work injury claims to help injured employees recover the compensation they need.

Why Turn to Cherry Johnson Siegmund James?

  • At Cherry Johnson Siegmund James, we have an extensive track record of success in helping individuals recover compensation after sustaining catastrophic work injuries.
  • Our attorneys come with extensive litigation experience, which means they have no problem fully preparing your oil refinery claim for trial.
  • We will take your case on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not be responsible for any upfront costs and will only pay legal fees after we recover compensation for your losses.

Waco Oil Refinery Accidents Can Lead to Major Injuries

There are more than ten oil refineries located within a 50-mile radius of Waco, and the women and men who work at these facilities operate in hazardous conditions on a daily basis. Oil refinery incidents can occur in a variety of ways, including fires, violations of state and federal safety regulations, exposure to chemicals, lack of equipment maintenance, unseen corrosion, and improperly trained employees.

Some of the most common injuries arising as a result of oil refinery incidents include the following:

  • Inhalation of hazardous chemicals
  • Significant burn injuries
  • Concussive injuries caused by explosions
  • Hearing or vision loss
  • Fractured or dislocated bones
  • Internal bleeding and internal organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

This is certainly not a complete list of the types of injuries that can occur at an oil refinery around the Waco area. We encourage you to contact a member of our team for a free consultation on your claim immediately.

What Compensation is Available for an Oil Refinery Injury Claim

We work diligently to ensure clients recover the compensation they need for their losses. In the state of Texas, not every private employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This can complicate the process of recovering compensation for medical bills and lost wages. It may be necessary to file a civil personal injury lawsuit against an allegedly negligent party after an oil refinery accident around Waco.

A successful claim would be one that recovers compensation for all medical bills associated with the oil refinery accident, along with all lost wages a person incurs. Additionally, individuals should be able to recover compensation for any out-of-pocket expenses they incur as a result of the incident as well as coverage of physical and emotional pain and suffering damages.

Call a Waco Oil Refinery Accident Attorney Today

If you or somebody you love has sustained an injury while working at an oil refinery near the Waco area, turn to the team at Cherry Johnson Siegmund James for help as soon as possible. We know what it takes to stand up to employers and insurance carriers who refuse to pay the compensation an injured worker needs. Let us get to work investigating the claim and helping you through this today. When you need a Waco oil refinery accident lawyer, please contact us for a free consultation of your claim by filling out our contact form or calling us at (254) 732-2242.