Representing Workers Injured In Factory And Warehouse Accidents

Warehouse and factory workers have to contend with job-related hazards on a daily basis. Forklift accidents, falling merchandise and injuries in and around loading docks are only a few examples of incidents that can have life-altering consequences for workers and their families.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a Texas warehouse or factory accident, contact Cherry Johnson Siegmund James LLC today at (254) 732-2242. Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing clients who have suffered catastrophic, life-changing injuries in work-related accidents.

Holding Texas Non-Subscribers Accountable

Texas law does not require employers to subscribe to the state’s workers’ compensation system. That means injured workers need to be aware of every available option for obtaining and maximizing compensation for injuries on the job.

At Cherry Johnson Siegmund James LLC, we are trial attorneys. We investigate and prepare work accident cases to make them trial-ready, helping clients seek compensation from employers, insurers and any third-party whose negligence may have played a role in the accident.

Calculating The Full Cost Of Your Injury

Catastrophic injuries on the job are not only physically and emotionally devastating. Seriously injured workers and their families are often burdened with years of medical expenses and rehabilitation.

Our attorneys can calculate the short- and long-term costs of your accident, including medical care, physical therapy, lost income, lost earning capacity and emotional distress. We frequently collaborate with experts and other professionals to determine the full cost of an injury and help our clients obtain full and fair compensation.

We Handle Work Accident Claims On Contingency

To schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer, please fill out our online contact form or call our offices at (254) 732-2242. When we handle your case, you do not owe an attorney fee unless we recover compensation for you.