Compensation For Victims Of Defective Products

A manufacturer has a legal responsibility to design and build products that are safe for their intended uses. This responsibility extends to all parties in the production and distribution chain. The failure of a defective product and a consequent serious injury or death can lead to litigation.

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Cherry Johnson Siegmund James LLC vigorously represents plaintiffs in all types of defective product cases, including those involving:

  • Vehicles and vehicle components
  • Medical devices and implants
  • Industrial equipment
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Appliances and consumer products
  • Pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications
  • Other types of defective and dangerous products

When our law firm represents you, we will work diligently to build a strong and successful case designed to obtain full compensation for your financial losses and pain and suffering.

Technical And Financial Resources

Success in product liability cases often hinges on highly technical investigations by experts in engineering, ergonomics, material science and other specialties. Because the defense will also present testimony from its own expert witnesses, counsel for a plaintiff must carefully select specialists who can identify the mode of product failure and who can defend their findings under intense cross-examination by defense lawyers.

Our attorney Ryan C. Johnson, who graduated from a top-five engineering school and worked as an engineering consultant for a Fortune 100 company and attorney Aaron M. Wilkerson have extensive experience in complex product liability cases. Our firm has the ability to locate and retain the services of engineers, metallurgists, plastic experts and other technical professionals who are leaders in their fields. As a successful personal injury law firm, we also have the financial resources needed to fund investigations and research by these professionals.

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