Common construction defects in homes

Posted by iLawyer on Mar 26th, 2018 Construction Litigation, Firm News

It was meant to be your dream home. You and your family planned well, bought some land and hired a builder. During lunch or after work, you’d drive to the site of your new home and watch the construction workers building it, occasionally accompanied by your children.

A whirlwind of activity took place from start to finish, and, finally, your home is ready to be occupied. However, after only a few weeks of living there, you notice some suspicious things: the dreaded construction defects. Oh, no!


Life-safety issues, monetary loss

No home or condominium owner wants to deal with construction defects, which can potentially cause life-safety issues and a great amount of monetary loss. Your home is supposed to be a safe place to live, but if it’s not properly built or constructed on unstable soil, you may be in trouble.

Many defects can happen during the construction of a home or after it has been completed. Perhaps the design of the home was incomplete, the building materials of shoddy quality, or the work crew incompetent. Nonetheless, when construction defects happen, homeowners must promptly deal with them.

A few common defects

Construction defects are the bane of some homeowners, and here a few of the more common ones:

  • Poorly constructed roofs: Often caused by design deficiencies, this problem can lead water leakage and ultimately mold growth. If you spot damaged shingles on your roof and see nail heads protruding, get the roof inspected right away.
  • Windows and doors: Sometimes they are improperly installed or constructed with inferior materials. These problems often are among the first noticed, leading to water leakage and stains.
  • An eroding foundation: Perhaps soil conditions have led to an unstable foundation, which can lead to cracking and damage to the building.
  • Improperly installed siding: Exterior siding is meant to protect the house, but if you notice it’s loose, something isn’t right. Water damage is likely.
  • Poorly installed mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems: Another construction deficiency that must be remedied.

New homes are meant to be enjoyed, because you plan to live in them for a long time. Maintain your home, and pay attention to any construction defects that may surface.