Month: June 2022

Posted by iLawyer on Jun 28th, 2022 Firm News, Personal Injury

2 times a Texas workplace injury could lead to a civil lawsuit

Texas has an economy driven largely by dangerous professions. From agriculture and construction to oil and gas extraction, there are many potentially lucrative but also dangerous industries that thrive in the Lone Star state. An on-the-job injury could mean thousands of dollars in medical expenses and a major impact on someone’s household income. When a…

Posted by iLawyer on Jun 15th, 2022 Estate Planning, Firm News

Power of attorney: how much power do agents have?

No one wants to imagine losing their independence and ability to make rational decisions. Unfortunately, age-related ailments like dementia or a catastrophic accident can render you incapacitated and thus unable to make decisions for yourself. Including a power of attorney (POA) in your estate plan allows you to nominate someone you trust to make healthcare…

Posted by iLawyer on Jun 1st, 2022 Firm News, Personal Injury

Know the signs of an acute neck injury

Any time you get into an auto accident, you need to take steps to make sure you’re healthy and getting the medical care you need if not. Immediately after a crash, it’s not always easy to tell if you have injuries or are dealing with wounds, because some take time to develop. Being able to…