Month: August 2022

Posted by iLawyer on Aug 28th, 2022 Estate Planning, Firm News

How are estate executors compensated for their work?

If you’re asked by a family member or close friend to be the executor of their estate after they pass away, you’re likely somewhat flattered that they’re trusting you with this responsibility. However, it’s crucial to remember that even if they have a well-crafted estate plan, being an executor requires time, patience, skills and work….

Posted by iLawyer on Aug 16th, 2022 Firm News, Personal Injury

Where are the blind spots on a commercial truck? 

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and it’s inevitable that they all share the same parts of the roadways at times. Operators of smaller vehicles need to be especially careful when driving around commercial trucks. In a road traffic collision with a larger vehicle, it is usually the smaller vehicle that comes off worse. …

Posted by iLawyer on Aug 15th, 2022 Estate Planning, Firm News

How often do I need to review my estate plan?

When you fulfill a stressful, demanding personal responsibility, you with no doubt prefer to never need to complete that particular task again. However, that may not be a very realistic expectation, especially when it comes to your estate plan. You can’t draft a will and advance directive when you are 18 and then expect those…

Posted by iLawyer on Aug 8th, 2022 Firm News, Uncategorized

How long does it take to register a trademark?

Your trademark is a visual representation of your company’s brand. It is important for marketing and brand recognition purposes. You will include it on your packaging, on your social media pages and in your advertisements. Once you have a trademarked logo formally registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you don’t have…