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Posted by iLawyer on Feb 5th, 2023 Estate Planning, Firm News

2 signs you need to update your estate plan

You’ve worked hard your entire life and acquired a significant amount of wealth. You’ve also created an estate plan and allotted some of your assets to the people and causes you care about. All looks good except there is one little problem – you created your estate plan ten years ago.  Just like you are,…

Posted by iLawyer on Jan 6th, 2023 Estate Planning, Firm News

Why bother with a Lady Bird deed in your estate plan?

Since most states don’t honor Lady Bird deeds, you might be tempted not to consider one when doing estate planning here in Texas. But don’t give short shrift to this very useful option that many Texans have chosen to protect their holdings and resources during their lifetimes. Before deciding whether this option is workable for…

Posted by iLawyer on Dec 9th, 2022 Estate Planning, Firm News

3 issues that sometimes derail probate administration

For many families, probate administration is largely a technical process. The deceased individual left clear instructions about their preferences and adequate resources to resolve all of their outstanding personal responsibilities. The executor or personal representative goes to court to present the will or other estate planning documents. They pay off debts, close accounts and eventually…