Month: October 2021

Posted by iLawyer on Oct 19th, 2021 Firm News, Personal Injury

The dangers of fatigue among truck drivers

Being alert is an important aspect of road safety. It means that the driver must be fully aware of the environment around them in order to react on time to avert a potential accident. However, when the driver is tired, this usually isn’t the case. A tired driver means that they are not wholly focused…

Posted by iLawyer on Oct 15th, 2021 Estate Planning, Firm News

How does a lady bird deed help your family?

If you have never heard of a lady bird deed, you’re not alone. A lady bird deed is a type of deed that will help you avoid probate at death. At the same time, this deed helps you avoid giving up control of your property during your lifetime. Lady bird deeds are not recognized in…