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Posted by iLawyer on Feb 21st, 2023 Firm News, Patent Rights And Litigation

3 common types of intellectual property violations

Intellectual property comes in many different forms, and therefore, there are also many different types of intellectual property violations. Federal rules help protect the efforts of creators, as well as the rights of businesses that license intellectual property rights from others. Intellectual property has significant financial value, which means there are often people who would…

Posted by iLawyer on Feb 5th, 2023 Estate Planning, Firm News

2 signs you need to update your estate plan

You’ve worked hard your entire life and acquired a significant amount of wealth. You’ve also created an estate plan and allotted some of your assets to the people and causes you care about. All looks good except there is one little problem – you created your estate plan ten years ago.  Just like you are,…