2 facts everyone should know about workers’ compensation

Posted by iLawyer on Jan 18th, 2023 Firm News, Injuries

You take a little bit of risk just getting out of bed in the morning, so no workplace is entirely hazard-free. Workers’ compensation benefits are supposed to be there for you whenever you suffer a work-related injury or illness to help pick up the slack in your income and get you the medical care you need.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize exactly what rights they have after being injured in a workplace accident. Here are some critical pieces of information everybody should know:

You are entitled to benefits even if you’re a new employee or a part-time worker

Many injured workers believe that they aren’t eligible for workers’ comp unless they’ve been with their company for thirty days or longer or because they’re a part-time or seasonal employee – but that’s simply not how it works.

In fact, new hires and part-time workers may be uniquely vulnerable to on-the-job injuries simply because they’re unfamiliar with the workflow of the business or the way certain machines operate. If your employer is required to have workers’ comp coverage, you are covered from your first moment on the job.

You cannot be penalized or treated differently for pursuing workers’ compensation

Your employer may not be thrilled that you’re off the job for a while as you heal, and they may be even less excited that you’re making a workers’ comp claim – but they cannot refuse to take your notice, tell you not to file or threaten you with termination over your claim.

You are legally entitled to file for workers’ comp and your employer cannot target you with retaliatory treatment without breaking the law.

If you were injured on the job, you need to take steps to protect your right to benefits. A proactive approach can help your claim go through more easily.