The dangers of fatigue among truck drivers

Posted by iLawyer on Oct 19th, 2021 Firm News, Personal Injury

Being alert is an important aspect of road safety. It means that the driver must be fully aware of the environment around them in order to react on time to avert a potential accident. However, when the driver is tired, this usually isn’t the case. A tired driver means that they are not wholly focused on driving, and some may even fall asleep while driving, putting themselves and other motorists at risk.

For truck drivers, the risk of fatigue is even higher. It may be because of the hectic timelines they have to operate under to not violate the hours of service regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Truck accidents are usually deadlier

The sheer size of trucks compared to other vehicles makes accidents involving trucks more serious. In addition, some of the loads that trucks haul, such as flammable material, may make even a small-scale crash turn into a serious one. With millions of trucks on the road every day, motorists need to be wary of accidents that may arise from driver fatigue.

What can you do if a fatigued driver causes your accident?

Sometimes, even when truckers adhere to set regulations on the number of hours they are supposed to be driving, some may not take time off to rest, which means they will still be tired behind the wheel. It is their responsibility to make time for rest, and the trucking companies must train the truckers to do so. If either party fails to do their part, it may amount to negligence.

You have a right to be compensated for your injuries if someone else caused them. As such, protecting your rights means proving negligence of the trucker or trucking company which is not so straightforward. For instance, it may involve a bit of digging, like looking at the electronic logging devices to check how many hours the trucker was driving leading up to your accident. Knowing the steps to take following such an accident is crucial to getting the justice you deserve.