What makes up the total cost of a workplace injury?

Posted by iLawyer on Nov 16th, 2021 Firm News, Personal Injury

A workplace injury occurs in the line of duty, and it can be quite devastating, depending on the extent. Not only will you be dealing with physical and emotional pain, but you are also likely staring at some time off from any meaningful economic activity.

Workplace injuries depend on your occupation, and they may include:

  • Falls
  • Exposure to hazardous elements
  • Burns
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Electrocution
  • Forklift accidents
  • And many more

Several aspects are factored in when arriving at the cost of your workplace injury.

Medical costs and related expenses

The cost of treatment includes the immediate care you get for the injuries and post-care treatment such as rehabilitation. In addition, the cost of devices, such as braces or wheelchairs, is also considered part of medical care.

Lost wages

You are entitled to compensation for lost income as a result of your injuries. For example, a workplace injury can prevent you from doing any work, resulting in lost wages. The cost of your claim covers such lost earnings, both present and future, if your injuries affect your ability to continue in the same line of work.

Emotional distress

Emotional pain and suffering are also considered when arriving at a compensation package. Some injuries may affect your mental health, especially if they are quite severe. For instance, spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis can lead to depression or other mental issues for which you deserve compensation.

Getting adequately compensated following a workplace injury is in your best interests. The settlement package can alleviate some of the adverse effects of your injuries in addition to securing your financial future.  Get the justice you deserve by being aware of what the law says regarding your case. It will go a long way in protecting your rights and ensuring you are well prepared for any issues that may arise along the way.