2 times a Texas workplace injury could lead to a civil lawsuit

Posted by iLawyer on Jun 28th, 2022 Firm News, Personal Injury

Texas has an economy driven largely by dangerous professions. From agriculture and construction to oil and gas extraction, there are many potentially lucrative but also dangerous industries that thrive in the Lone Star state.

An on-the-job injury could mean thousands of dollars in medical expenses and a major impact on someone’s household income. When a worker gets hurt because of their dangerous profession, they may want to file a civil lawsuit as a means of recovering their lost wages and paying for their medical care.

When are civil lawsuits possible after work injuries in Texas?

When workers’ compensation isn’t an option

Some workers will have immediate coverage through workers’ compensation for their injuries. When an employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, their policy also helps protect the business against claims by injured workers.

Texas does not mandate workers’ compensation insurance, so many companies choose not to carry it. If your employer does not have coverage or if gross negligence or legal infractions by your employer contributed to your injury, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the company to recover your losses.

When a third party is to blame

Did you get hurt in a car crash while driving for work? Did a tool or machine at your place of employment malfunction because of a defective design? There are numerous scenarios in which another individual or business might be legally liable for the costs you incur because of a workplace injury. Knowing when you can go to civil court can help you recover the expenses you incur when you get hurt on the job in Texas.