Has your elderly relative been financially abused?

Posted by iLawyer on Jul 18th, 2022 Elder Law, Firm News

Abuse comes in many forms, and it is often physical. However, abuse can also come in the form of financial harm, which has a negative emotional impact too.

Elderly individuals may have been running their own bank accounts for decades, but there will eventually come the point where they find this too much. On such occasions, it’s important that the right people step up to assist, as the wrong people could attempt to take advantage of the situation.

What are the signs that your elderly relative has been abused financially?

Forged documents

Recently, there have been a series of check payments that have left your family member’s account. As they have gotten older, they have found it increasingly difficult to write. You review the payments with them, and they don’t remember signing anything. You also don’t recognize the handwriting, it looks like someone else’s. It’s possible that the payments were made using forged signatures, which is a serious legal matter.

When items disappear

Over the years, your elderly relative has collected a series of art, jewelry, antique furniture and other items. They didn’t pay too much for these items at the time, but today, these assets are worth a small fortune. Every time you visit, an heirloom appears to be missing. You ask them about it, and they say they have given it away to one of their carers. While this could be legitimate, you want to make sure that these are their true wishes and that they have not been manipulated.

Your desire is that your elderly relative is treated with dignity and respect. To ensure that this happens, it may benefit you to seek some honest legal guidance.